Jewish, Christian, Chewish, or Eschewish:
Interfaith Marriage Pathways for the New Millennium
by Reeve Robert Brenner




Considering what they have meant to my personal life, my professional life and my rabbinate over the years, itís entirely appropriate to acknowledge with gratitude the always trustworthy and gracious support of William & Ruth Henoch, Roger & Bernice Dreeben, Bernard & Mary Paiewonsky, Rhoda Knaff, William & Bunny Stein, Stuart Shapiro & Jill Gay, Fabio & Adriana Lacerda, Sarah & Andrew Maddox, Howard Abramson & Martha Gould, Stanley & Roslyn Klein, Marc & Connie Lee-Solnick, Howard & Kristin Parnes, Eunice Kohn, Charles & Andrea Walters, Michael & Arlene Shapiro; David & Valentina Levin, Vera Ramaty; and the members and friends of Congregation Bet Chesed of Bethesda, MD as well as the thousand plus couples and families with whom I have had the honor and privilege to interact during the course of my rabbinate. Without all of the above, there would have been no book.



This book is dedicated to my grandchildren: Yarden Hannah, Mayan Abigail, Talia Eden Sarah, Nadiv Yonah, Matan Orr, Liam Brenner, Amit Brenner, Noam Brenner and to their parents of course, Neeva & Gabe Brenner Kleiman, Nurete & Mitch Brenner Ballin and Noga & Alon Brenner Samia - all of whom are the loves of my life. It is also dedicated to the generation of the 22nd century which will undoubtedly bring about the directional changes making it necessary to re-write the kind of guidebook you are holding in your hands.

This book was intended to shed some light on the pathways leading up to whatever Mansion of Identity is the right one for the reader, whoever that may be.


A Friendly Copyright Notice
© 2007 Reeve Robert Brenner All rights reserved

Even though most copyright notices say all kinds of mean things about not reproducing the book in any form, I not only wouldn't mind if you copy parts of this book, I would be thrilled if you do. All I ask is that you tell people where this material came from and who is the author. If you want copies of the entire book, it's easier and probably cheaper to buy nice pretty printed originals from our website. Thanks!