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"At this site, you will find information about me and some of the work I do. There are sections on my writings, my rabbinical work, and an exciting sports system for the physically challenged called Bankshot which I am marketing.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me."

-- Rabbi Brenner


Rabbi Dr. Reeve R. Brenner has served in the past as the Jewish chaplain of the National Institutes of Health. This in no way suggests an endorsement by the NIH of the information or materials on this website. Dr. Brenner’s poetry, articles and books are not associated with the NIH nor are they approved or disapproved, endorsed or supported by the NIH in any way.

Rabbi Brenner currently serves as a rabbi at Congregation Bet Chesed, a Jewish congregation that has just recently affiliated to the Union for Reform Judaism, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Here is what is being said about my new book "Jewish, Christian, Chewish, or Eschewish: Interfaith Marriage Pathways for the New Millennium":

" I like it very much.  It’s lively, fair, comprehensive and ingenious and will be quite useful to many readers.  It’s sensitive and respectful of the various approaches and persuasive.  It’s apparent that a lot of work, thought and experience have gone into it.  Good luck on getting it out as to attract the audience it deserves." -- Rabbi Robert Seltzer (Professor of History at Hunter College City University NY and author of Jewish People Jewish Thought)

"This book was lucid, balanced and filled with wisdom on the perils and promise of interfaith marriage.  You made your own values clear without demeaning other faiths.  The writing style was clear, easy to follow and entertaining (I like the Chewish and Eschewish terms).  I very much liked the idea of the “Settled Sojourner” and the need to welcome and honor those who have chosen this path.  I believe this book will be a tremendous resource to couples anticipating or entering interfaith marriages (as a matter of fact, I know some couples I will encourage to read the book when it becomes available).  Mazel tov on a great contribution." -- Ken Pargament (professor of psychology at Bowling Green State University and author of Religion and Coping: Theory, Research, Practice)

"...informative, delightful reading, I was book I know on the subject.  I couldn't put it down.  Rabbis should send every couple they meet to the website ( to read it carefully and thoughtfully."  Rabbi Aryeh Alpern (Saratoga, NY) 

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